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What is the ON TIMEŽ Device?

The ON TIMEŽ Device is an electronic payment reminder system that is installed in the vehicles of people with less than perfect credit.  The purpose of the device is to remind them when their payment comes due, and assist them in managing their money so that they are never late with their car payment.

How does it work?

Once the lender has agreed on payment terms with their customer, the ON TIMEŽ Device can be programmed.  This is done by entering 4 pieces of information into the ON TIMEŽ software:
1) The 1st payment due date
2) The total number of payments
3) The payment cycle (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly)
4) The number of grace days allowed

With this information, the ON TIMEŽ software will generate the customer's payment schedule and it will assign a unique 6 digit code for every scheduled payment date. Then the device is ready to be installed in the car.



The device has an LED that alerts the customer when his payment comes due.  If the LED is flashing green, then his payment in good standing with the lender.  No payment is due.  On the day that the payment comes due the LED will go from flashing green to flashing red.  This will alert the driver that his payment is now due.

The lender has the ability to give their customer any number of grace days they want.  As long as the customer is in the grace period he is going to be reminded that his payment is due by the flashing red LED. 

However, when the customer gets within the last 3 days of the end of grace period, the LED will begin to flash 3 times intermittently to alert the customer he only has 3 days left to make his payment.

The next day it flashed 2 times intermittently meaning he now only has 2 days left to make his payment.
On the last day of the grace period, if the customer has still failed to make his car payment the LED will flash once intermittently but it will also beep every 4 seconds.  So the entire day the customer is being reminded visually and audibly that this is the last day to make his payment.

Once the payment is made the customer will be given the necessary  6 digit code.  The customer will then enter that code into the ON TIMEŽ key pad.  Once this code is entered the customer will see the flashing green LED until his next payment is due.

What if the customer fails to make his payment before the end of the grace period?

His LED will quit flashing red.  It will now turn to solid red.  At this time his car will not start until he makes his payment or, at the very least, makes payment arrangements with the lender.



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CBS Evening News Report (2 mins)

ON TIMEŽ Presentation Video (9 mins)


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